Architectural Matching

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Types of Panel Matching
Architectural Matching
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Sequence-Matched Panels:
These panels are pre-manufactured and number in stanard 4x8 or 4x10 sizes. They may be the products of a flitch or part thereof with the number of panels usually varying from six to 12. If more than one flitch is used, grain and color may not be similar. Odd-sized panels will be cut during installation, which may interrupt continuity of grain as well. The best utilization of these panels is achieved by using them in their near full width with necessary adjustments being made at wall ends or corners.

Blueprint-Matched Panels and Components:
All panels, doors, and other veneered components are made to the exact sizes required, and in exact veneer sequence and color. Flitches are selected which will yield enough veneer to complete a prescribed room or area. If more than one flitch is required, flitch transition should be accomplished at the least noticeable predetermined location.